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Live Private Shows

Availabe in HD [High Definition]

Marriage Ceremony

People who want to share their celebrations with their friends & friends who are living far from them. We will live telecast your celebratiions and your your family & frineds can watch this live telecast.you can make this telecast password protected,person is will be given that password ,only he/she can view the show.

Birthday Ceremony

If your friends & famliy are living away from you then they must be missing comming birthday of their little lovely baby.Do not let them miss it and make them feel just like they are the part of this b'day party with HD live telecast.They can join the party from any corner of world & make this birthday a memorable day forever.

Live Public Shows

Schools/ Colleges Functions

Wish you telecast your school/college anual function all over the world through internet ? you are at right place.We will show the live covergae of the whole program at very afforable price and with high picture quality.

Sports Events

Any sports event like Kabadi,Footbal,Cricekt can be broadcasted live with golivego.in. Event can be watched arond the globe with HD quality

On Demand Shows

On Demand Shows

Any event can be made available to watch any time if you wish with our unique feature on demand shows. We will record your event and will keep it on our website which can be watched any time



Anything else which you want should be shown to others can be boardcasted with golivego.in like Religious programs, punjabi Akhara etc.

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